Coworking spaces = Break free from the boxes

How can you think outside the box when you’re working in one? You don’t need to answer, because memos already has one for you. Top-notch services, centrally located coworking space and a shared office culture that kick-starts creativity and collaboration. Welcome to the future of going to work. Join us by rent private office space, enjoy a dedicated desk or find a workspace in the middle of the memos magic.

Break walls. Build connections.

Find your tribe in the workplace

What if going to work didn’t have to be “headphones in, world out”? We’re offering you an opportunity to start coworking alongside some of the brightest minds in the business. Just picture the most productive dinner party you’ve ever been to. Add some natural light, high-speed Wi-Fi and a table full of entrepreneurs, freelancers, small to medium businesses and global corporates. Become a part of our shared office today. You might even meet your next business partner.

A work space for everyone

An office should not just be a place you go to make a living, it should be where you go to make a legacy. The home of your next big idea, an escape from the chaos of the outside world and a buzzing beehive of productivity. No matter what size team you belong to, we have the perfect workspace for you. From dedicated desks and booths to private suites and meetings rooms.

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Did we mention we also host events?

Everyone knows that any event is only as good as its venue, so help yours steal the show by hiring one of of our unforgettable event spaces. Go on, you only have one chance to leave an impression, make sure it’s a big one.

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