The Future of the Workplace

Everyday millions of people around the world meet in one place – the office. They clock in at 9 am and join the rat race in hunt for that elusive cheese. But what if you don’t even like cheese? W. Clement Stone once said, “You are a product of your environment.” So, are you choosing an environment that reflects who and what you want to be? We’re not sure about you, but we’ve never thought about a cubicle as having the power to change the world…

Speaking of the changing world, unless you’ve been trapped in a photocopy room, you have begun to notice three major changes in the workplace:

(1) the actual work being done.

(2) the people – or rather, the machines doing the work and …

(3) the spaces we call our workplace.

Technology has completely transformed the face of jobs and now robotics have redefined it. Monotonous task-based work has now made way for problem solving and increased opportunities for human interaction in service models. However, this is not a “man vs. machine” revolution; it’s a natural progression that has allowed technology to enhance the workplace by marrying human skills with artificial intelligence. When it comes to the workplace, one of the biggest changes has been the cultural shift from traditional office spaces to coworking environments. But before we unpack this global phenomenon that has become a sub-sector in the commercial real estate market, let’s define what we mean by “coworking”.

Welcome to the world of coworking!

Simply put, coworking is exactly what its name implies. Working with others. A modern business service model that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in a “shared desk” office space – think, honey beehive meets Google.

Buzzing aside, shared office spaces have completely transformed the traditional office structure. You know what we mean when we talk about the traditional office structure right? Everything in these offices always seems to be some shade of grey – even the paperclips (like the one you were staring at when you were counting the clock). The harsh LED lights constantly remind you to book your next dentist appointment, and the internet is slower than a toddler trying to put on a sock. Let’s face it, these offices are what dictionaries would be like if they were brought to life. But coworking offices speak a completely different language. One of artistic design, central locations, top-notch services and collaborative networking. In a shared office space like memos, you’ll never have to say, “one more hour to go” – because you’ll never be in the same spot for hours on end. Between our community lounges, personal offices, private booths, chill out spaces and fixed desks, you can plan your future instead of your great escape. So, rent office space at memos today.

4 reasons why coworking is the future (and traditional offices are not)


#1) Build your network just by going to work 

The digital age is all about making connections. And while working from home in your sweatpants may have its appeal, the strongest connection you’ll have is with your broadband provider. Coworking spaces are a never-ending source of connectivity. Bounce ideas off of some of the brightest minds in the business, meet professionals you would never usually bump into at your local café and become a part of the ultimate coworking community. After all, the human experience is about making connections, so why not do what we were born to do, while getting paid to do it?

#2)  Smart spaces mean better work 

Have you ever seen Apple’s “Mac vs. PC” advert? (You have to check it out). This video springs to mind when comparing the technology found in traditional offices to that of shared office spaces, like memos. Coworking spaces have been described as the modern mecca for digital nomads. Tech-savvy, like-minded professionals working in smart spaces more effectively than ever. Seamless building access control, Apple TVs, HDMI cables, state-of-the-art monitors, meeting room booking services, digital payment systems and high-speed internet. Steve Jobs eat your heart out!

#3 Centrally located office mean you are in the middle of the action

In business, location is everything. As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. A CBD office address is a huge advantage for businesses. It brings credibility, allows for closer proximity to clients, offers easy transport routes and of course (more importantly), allows you to be within walking distance of your favorite bakery or burger joint. Sold yet? On the topic of finances, centrally located coworking spaces give coworkers the opportunity to work in CBD locations at a fraction of the private price. Don’t forget that a desirable location can increase your chances of attracting top talent. So, upgrade your postcode today.

#4 Faster business growth than ever before

A well-connected coworking space can take a company from a contender to a game changer in their respective industry. Combining a solid reputation with healthy competition, opportunities to meet your next business partner and the ability to further inspire talented employees, are all the ingredients you need to boost your business. Coworking spaces are known for fostering dynamic partnerships across a variety of industries by expanding their networks (both internally and externally). And if you’re worried about needing more space, the flexibility of coworking memberships at memos allows you to quickly and easily upgrade your workspace.


By 2020 there are expected to be over 1 million members in coworking offices. Don’t miss your chance to join the revolution – rent desk space at memos and become part of the future of going to work!


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