How to choose: Hot Desk or Fix Desk?

Making the right choice for you!

Let’s say you are a freelancer looking for an office space. You’d probably open my browser and search on google for the closest coworking space to me. But then you’d see that there are a lot of options near you… And that is when the decision becomes harder to make. Factoring in so many of wishes and juggling all the extra amenities coworking spaces have to offer is far from being a simple task. Where? How much should I spend? Do I care about the design? Is 24 hour access important? Contemplating can take hours.

After completing challenge #1 of choosing a space you still need to choose between a hot/fix desk or a private office. But, good news – whilst we can’t tell you whether or not an office with beer on tap will enhance your working experience (let’s be honest- it will!), we can help you decide which type of desk is best for you.


Here’s a quick guide to hot desks vs fixed desks:

What is a hot desk?

Hot desking is basically the new “I’m working from a café”. You’d have everything you need from wifi, coffee, water and a nice bright space; but it won’t be dedicated to you. You’ll share this space with like-minded people, and maybe have to switch seats the next day. If this doesn’t scare you and suits your personality – you are a hot desk person and we welcome it.


What is a fixed desk?

fixed desk means you get to choose and block your space. Similar to what happens at any conventional office. You can bring your own monitor, a plant and even your Wonder Woman action figure to put beside you. These types of desks allow you the security of leaving your things at the office, but with an opportunity to share the space with a few other interesting individuals who chose the same. In most cases you would also need to respect the other Fix Deskers sitting beside you and keep a calm and quiet energy.

A Comparison between hot desk & fix desk:


PRICE Cheapest option usually offered by a coworking space. Still affordable, but not the cheapest option. Like choosing the second cheapest wine from the list (we all do it).
FLEXABILITY Contracts are on a monthly basis. You can decide when you need it and for how long. NSA as the youngsters say. It’s a perfect way to start up. Contracts are also on a monthly basis, but we’ve heard a secret… the longer you stay the bigger the discount.
COLLABERATION People come and go, same as you. Decide if you want to mingle or enjoy some privacy in a quiet corner. The people around you will be there tomorrow and the day after; so feel free to network and interact, as much as you want.
SECURITY You can’t leave your things. But if you only need a laptop to do your job this shouldn’t be an issue. Feel free to bring your equipment. We can even organize a locker for you.  Make this feel like your office and be comfortable.
ENVIRONMENT You can choose to sit at a desk, a sofa or even in a super cool phone-booth. Minimum noise… this is a private area where people want to focus on work.
OTHER Usually you are close to the coffee machine. Enjoy a latte love from us.

Plus, having a new desk every day means clutter free. You get to start fresh wherever you sit.

You become part of the family, feel free to invite guests and book meeting rooms. We are here to help with whatever you need.



Last Notes:

Conclusion is that hot desks are more cost efficient and allow you to expand your network with ease; while a fixed desk membership would fit more for whomever has more equipment and values stability.

At the end of the day, we can’t make the decision for you. You know what’s best for you. But we do know that we are always here to help you make the right decision; and we allow you to jump between one membership to the other if you decide to change your mind. Flexibility is endless at memos. We break walls – that’s our slogan.