The 10 Biggest Myths about Coworking

“Coworking is only for millennials who don’t drink tap water.” “I heard they don’t wear shoes in shared offices.” “Do you know it’s a first come, first serve basis. If you’re late, you have to stand and work.” When it comes to coworking, there are some crazy rumours out there. Our favorite one is that you have to invite all of your fellow coworkers to your wedding. Everyone thinks they know what coworking is like. But the reality is, unless you’ve been a part of a shared office space, you wouldn’t know any better than these rumours. And the last thing we want is for you to get put-off joining the ultimate coworking community, because you were planning on having a small wedding ceremony…

To clear this all up once and for all, we decided to dispel the 10 biggest myths about coworking. Here we go.

#1 It’s just space

Top of the list without a doubt, has to be the myth that coworking offices are just glorified warehouses. Big empty rooms with nothing else going on inside of them. We suppose the easiest way to debunk this myth would be to invite you all to one of our coworking sites. But if you’re enjoying the read, we’ll set the record straight from our keyboard. Coworking spaces are masterfully laid out offices. Complete with a wide spectrum of utilities, cleaning services, office supplies, refreshments, and event opportunities – providing you with everything you need (and then some) for a premium functioning office space.

#2 It’s too noisy

Yes. There is noise. How could there not be? Ideas are being born, partnerships are being forged, friendships are being made. But most importantly, work is being done. If you’re imagining keyboard warriors (that sound like they’re playing the bongo drums on their open laptop) or a handful of freelancers humming to the top 40, then you need to keep reading. At memos, each of our sites offer private soundproof booths and dedicated desks that allow you to surrender your senses in complete silence. Although collaboration is key, all of our coworkers are here for the same reason you are – to create their life’s work.

#3 You are forced to collaborate

This is one of those myths about coworking that really forces us to laugh. We ourselves were envisioning a farm row of fixed desks, set up for “speed-dating” style collab sessions. It goes without saying, you are not forced to collaborate, network or even socialize with any of your coworkers. Of course, we encourage you to enjoy the community of our office, but also to relish in the freedom and independence of being a coworker. How you choose to spend your time at memos is completely up to you – your space, your rules.

#4 It’s not professional enough

If you picture coworking as a clan of tech-junkies sitting around on second-hand furniture, then you’re sorely mistaken. With our state-of-the-art meeting rooms, sophisticated layouts and tasteful design elements, your contacts will know you strive for innovation, creativity and contemporary workflow. Coworking spaces also highlight the fact that you’re more focused on your products and services than ordering staples for your monthly office supply. So, stop worrying about your clients dodging rollerbladers at reception. Your brand-new rented office space is really what’s going to knock them off their feet.

#5 There’s no privacy

Just because you’ve joined a coworking community does not mean you’re about to overhear fights between your fellow coworkers and their landlords every lunch break. Nor does it mean you’ll be forced to judge a live version of the office X-factor, as your coworkers singalong to their favorite Spotify playlists. In the memos office we have soundproof phone booths where you can make private calls and host video chats. We also have a range of bookable meeting rooms and options to rent private office space. Enjoy the best of both worlds – thrive in a group setting or zone out in your own personal bubble. Either way, we guarantee a comfortable seat.

#6 It’s expensive

Contrary to popular belief, renting shared office space can actually save you as much as 26% per employee over five years. The premium aspect of centrally located offices, exquisite interior design, modern technology and high-class services, often cause professionals to add a hefty price tag to coworking packages. In reality, a daily pass at memos, is as affordable as €15 a day, with a fixed desk going for €250 a month. And with what you get being so much more than just a desk, it’s hard to find a reason not to invest!

#7 You have to be in your twenties

Before we go any further, the average age of a coworking professional is 36 years old, with the most common age bracket being between 34 and 39. Need we say more? Age is just a number and we have every age in multiple numbers at memos.

#8 Only for freelancers

One of the most popular myths about the world of coworking is: We only cater to niche industries. The kind of mindset that coworking offices are only for freelancers who are sick of the flat whites at their local coffee shop. While freelancers are more than welcomed into our space, so are start-ups, small-to-medium businesses and even global corporates. Differences are the building blocks of communities and we’re ready to build the strongest one you’ve ever seen.

#9 It’s first come, first serve

While it may be fun to create a mini office Olympics each morning, our workspace is certainly not first come, first serve. Whether you would like to rent a shared desk, a private office or an entire suite – your space is yours as and when you choose to use it. Now when it comes to working in our communal area, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get exactly the same spot every time. But change is just as good a holiday, so make sure you vacation all around our workspace.

#10 All the space is the same

Each coworking office is completely different. The space is unique to the location, office size, ratio of onsite staff and communal layout. Within each shared space there are several membership packages. Ranging from options to rent desk space in quiet zones to daily passes where you can work in community areas. No space is the same, because no member’s needs are exactly the same. So, find the perfect space for you and we promise you’ll find your place.

That’s enough myths for one day.



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