Partner with the future of going to work

Become a part of the memos coworking community of young profitable professionals. Join the leading companies and entrepreneurs shaping a better
working environment for you. With multiple opportunities, we are happy to create partnerships that could potentially benefit our members and brand.


At memos, we deliver superior offices and workspaces. If you would like to benefit from partnering with us by sending us leads, please contact us today.


Together we can create innovative sponsorship concepts that will bring you and your future customers closer together.


Join our team as an Events Partner and you’ll never look back. Our versatile and fully equipped venues are perfect for any occasion. From small workshops to company-wide events, we have the space you need to shine.

Member benefits

If you would like to increase your exposure to our dynamic community of industry leaders by offering long term discounts to memos members, drop us an email. Please remember to state the city/cities you service.


We don’t normally use our space for advertising, but if you believe you have a product that our members need to see, then who are we to stop you from sending us an email to tell us all about it?

Product placement / integration

Coworking members are attractive to both known and growing brands. If you find your product beneficial to our community, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Research and insights

At memos, we are always eager to learn more about our target audience and enlighten our members on insights and research that could be relevant to them. We are more than happy to share and create knowledge together through collaborative research.


Are you just as passionate about
coworking as we are? Do you think you
have what it takes to open your own memos? Let’s talk business. Contact us to discuss franchise opportunities and as a team we can revolutionize more workspaces together.

Art & design

In the true spirit of creative collaboration, we are inviting you to partner with us to design next-level artistic shared office space. Alternatively, you can showcase your own artwork in one of our various locations. Art inspires our members and that inspires us.

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