General & Membership

memos is a global boutique workspace and coworking provider. We offer inspiring working environments for businesses of any size. Our current offices are in Germany, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Our members are part of a unique entrepreneurial community that cultivates the leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is to break down walls (metaphorically and physically), so that you can breakthrough with your work.

*Coworking: Hot desks in our common area with all of our world-class facilities – pick a free spot and plug in.

*Fixed desk: A dedicated desk of your own in a shared office. This area is quieter and more secure.

*Private office: Lockable private office spaces for teams of all sizes.

*Office suites: Large workspaces designed for your brand and your needs with complete flexibility (Location specific).

Amazing lounge areas, high-speed Wi-Fi, great coffee and free refreshments. Members gain access to a number of educational classes and workshops provided by experts in their field (hackathons, masterclasses, skill sharing, etc.). Our partnerships with local vendors also ensures that our members benefit from ongoing discounts at certain restaurants, cafés and online stores. At memos we are constantly working on improving our offerings and adding more benefits to our members’ packages.

*Access to our location – as agreed upon in your membership.

*Fast and secure Internet.

*Fully furnished spaces – large desks, comfortable chairs and light fixtures.

*Additional storage space (venue and package dependent).

*Meeting rooms – fully equipped meeting rooms available for rent in 30 min increments.

*Printers – multifunctional devices for printing, copying and scanning.

*Members benefits unpacked above and more…

We offer guided tours of our office spaces across all of our locations. Simply make an appointment via our contact form or book a tour on our Locations page. A representative will contact you promptly to schedule a viewing time. We also invite you to join us for our public events so that you can get to know us and our diverse community better, or follow us on social media.

Please read: What types membership do you offer?

The sizes of our office spaces vary depending on the location. We offer private offices for teams of two upwards, and provide startups and companies flexible facilities for up to 300 people.

Our memberships are location specific. However, if you’d like to have a global membership, please ask your site manager for access to the global add-on which comes with an additional monthly fee.

It really does depend on the location, the operating hours of each of our office spaces are specific to their building. Some of our locations are open 24/7.

Yes, if you are a memos member, you can register with our address. If you are not, we offer virtual office memberships where you can rent a business address from any of our locations. You can also receive business letters and packages for your company which can be picked up at our front desk.

For members we do, for non-members we offer a virtual office service: the opportunity to register with our physical address and receive business letters and packages for your company, which can be picked up from our front desk.

Membership Contracts

Each location has a different membership fee. These can be found on your chosen location’s page.

No, we do not charge any of our members additional costs. The costs of heating, electricity and internet are fully included in the membership fee. We offer you full transparency of your costs in one monthly bill so there are no hidden fees associated with a membership. However, printing services and booking meeting rooms is at an additional cost upon usage.

All contracts are automatically renewed. We don’t have a maximum duration period at memos, you are welcome to stay with us as long as you like. We do however, have a minimum 3 month rental for a fixed desk and a minimum 6 month rental for an office space.

Oh no, we would be sad to see you leave us, but we understand that sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Upon completing your minimum stay duration, you can cancel your contract by submitting a written request to your site manager with a notice period of 15 working days, or depending on your specific contract terms.


Great to hear that business is booming! We are here to support you through this transitional phase. Our experienced team will advise you on comprehensive options to find a solution that meets your workspace needs.

All members gain access to our online booking system on their on-boarding day. If you have difficulties navigating our system please reach out to our front desk agent to get help.

We currently allow updating or deleting meetings up to 15 minutes before they start. The cancellation confirmation will be displayed in the overview of your bookings or will be removed completely.

House Rules

You bet your dog biscuits we are!

Just please also be aware, we reserve the right to restrict pets in the interest of all members and visitors. Therefore, please take into account that dogs must be leashed in common areas and are not supposed to be left unattended in the premises.

Of course you can. Simply inform the front desk agent / site manager to ensure they will be granted access upon arrival. We suggest booking a meeting room to ensure privacy and free space.


Our on-site community team is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Additionally, let us know how we can support you by sending us an email to