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Weather your a big team, small start-up or a one man show, our offices in Ogrodowa 8, which are located within an A class office building, in the center of Łódź, at the junction of Ogrodowa and Zachodnia Streets are exatly the right place for you. You will be neigbors to some the world leading and known companies. This location in nestled near all of the main hot spots, such as Piotrkowska Street, Manufaktura Shopping Centre and andel’s Łódź hotel. Due to the city’s special identity, the building is subordinated to the spatial historical layout, and a wide range of modern façades and their distinctive divisions freely refer to a wealth of architectural styles of Łódź. Our beatiful design, which includes all the amenities mentioned bellow are ready to impress you, your team and your clients. The Ogrodowa 8 Office building has a number of “green solutions” that enable efficient use of energy, from LED lighting in common areas, heat recovery systema and a system allowing for the use of rainwater for flushing toilets.This location is also in close proximity to public transportation and is surronded by a veriety of cafès and restaurants. Feel free to contact us today and book a tour to check out this site and find your next workspace.

Desks & Pricing

HOT DESK120€ / month

Access to our open workspace in the common area. Just come in and pick a free spot.

FIX DESK180€ / month

A dedicated desk of your own in a shared office. This area is quiter and secure so you can leave your things in.

PRIVATE OFFICE500€ / month

Private and secure office space to accommodate teams of all sizes. Each room has it’s own lock and key.

Location & Transport

Tram Nowomiejska – Północna #2,3,4 Ogrodowa – Nowomiejska #6 Zachodnia – Legionów #11A, 11B / Bus Zachodnia – Legionów #96


Onsite Staff

Our team of site and community managers will be avialble to accomedate your onsite needs and requests throughout work hours.

Food & Beverage

Each olocation will be fully stocked with a weekly supply of fruits, cofee, tea and other soft drinks, for you and your guests, at no additional costs.

Conference Rooms

Carefully desiged for creativity, our meeting rooms will be at your desposile (at cost), and will includeall needed equipement for conducting impressive meetings.

High Speed Internet

Fast and secure Wi-Fi throughout our premises, including IT support and guest log-in functionalities.

Additional Ammeniities

Bike Parking, Parking space for rent, shower rooms.


Office supply and printers can be found scattered in our spaces for personal use, to ensure you have all you need at all times.

Community Lounges

Designated areas, lounges and chill out spaces available to boost creativity, comfort, productivity and even enhance your breaks.

Phone Booth

On each site we offer multiple, one person, soundproofed phone booths to provide comfortable and free space for conducting private calls and video chats.

Cleaning Services

A cleaning peresonal will clean all common areas, meeting rooms and offices daily making sure you can focus on work and not cleaning chores

All locations